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We can offer to you a wide range of products that includes rails, sleepers, switches, instruments and other track materials. A big assortment of products warehoused in our locations allows to gather railroad cars and containers in a timely manner.

Our address

Russia, Saint-Petersburd,
Piskarevski av., bld. 63,
Phone +7 (812) 321-33-53, 323-73-59


The company Put-SPb Ltd. was established in Saint-Petersburg. It has been servicing market with metal production since the year 2000.

We provide major enterprises with the materials and equipment to maintain and build railways and crane runways. Thanks to our continious efforts we achieved a great success in this sphere.

We supply materials of the track structure and track instruments manufactured in the following factories:

  • Nizhni Tagil and Novokuznetsk metal industrial complex
  • Nizhni Saldin metal factory
  • Murom, Novosibirsk and Dnepropetrovsk switch works
  • Bologoye and Kharovsk sleeper factory
  • Kaluga factory of machinery construction, and others

Our specialties are the following:

  • rail rolling
  • materials of the track structure
  • sleepers
  • track mechanical and manual instruments
  • lights and lighting equipment
  • crossings

The Put-SPb company is known as a reliable supplier in the home market.

The main warehouse of the company is situated in Saint-Petersburg. Also we have partners in Moscow, Murom, Kaluga, Belgorod, Nizhni Tagil, Ekaterinburg. It allows to greatly lower transport charges and provide competetive prices and quick supplies to almost all Russia regions. The shipment can be done by railway, avia and auto transport.

In our work we guide the following principles:

  • unexceptionable meeting of all clients` demands
  • competitive prices
  • professionalism, integrity and openness
  • We work with our customers to mutual benefit.

We work with our customers to mutual benefit.

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