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We can offer to you a wide range of products that includes rails, sleepers, switches, instruments and other track materials. A big assortment of products warehoused in our locations allows to gather railroad cars and containers in a timely manner.

Our address

Russia, Saint-Petersburd,
Piskarevski av., bld. 63,
Phone +7 (812) 321-33-53, 323-73-59


The following is always in stock:

  • Materials:
    • track and crane rails;
    • switches and accessories;
    • baseplate, joint bar; fishbolt, clip fastener, washer, screw; rail anchor, clips
    • joint and end insulation, rubber pads, textolite bushing, crossings, speed humps, etc.
  • Sleepers:
    • wood impregnated
    • concrete
    • crane
    • switch point sleepers - wood and concrete.
  • Tools and equipment
  • Manual tools:
    • Claw bar, spike maul, sleeper and rail tongs, allen key, track adze, punch, pick.
  • Hydraulic and electronic tools:
    • hydraulic and rack jacks, hydroflattener
    • rail driller, rail cutter, rail grinding machines, tamping machines, track key, screwdriver
    • electric power station, welding machine
    • calipers, gauges
    • accumulator track and industrial lights, road and railroad signs
    • stop blocks, hump and knurling shoes.
  • Accessories:
    • rail drills, cutting wheel, grinding wheel, hacksaw.
    • engine and car shoes, spares for rolling-stock

We also recondition and supply spares for "Kalugatransmash" tools.

You can order track building and maintenance works, and also thorough repair of diesel locomotives.

If you don't find the product you're interested in, please contact us and we'll make our best to help you.

For any product details and prices, please contact us.

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